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Size: S, M, L or can be customized
Color: black color or can be customized
Gender: unisex
Application: adult and children
Logo: heat transfer, pvc lable.etc
OEM/ODM accept
Material: neoprene, nylon
Function: relieve back pain, correct bad posture

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The posture corrector is designed and developed specifically by the company for the hunchback and walking and bending people caused by the acquired bad habits. It can correct the hunchback, chest shoulders, shoulder pain, back soreness and pain; correct the bad sitting posture, standing posture and cervical pain caused by prolonged sitting.

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Improper sitting posture causes the impact on our body. In daily life and work, we must pay more attention to it. For a healthy body, please maintain the correct sitting posture. Perhaps you have neglected a small detail in your daily life. Lifelong pain, so improper sitting of students is not a trivial matter, and it is worth paying attention to by teachers and parents!
According to recent media reports, more than 100 patients with spine stiffness have been admitted to the prosthetic parts of the rehabilitation center affiliated to the China Disabled Persons’ Federation. Among these patients, severe cases must undergo surgical correction.
It is difficult to perform corrective surgery on the spine, because there is a spinal nerve in the spine that is vital to the human body. The function of this spinal nerve is very complicated. If the operation is a little careless, it may cause severe disability, as a result.
The harm of spinal rigidity to people not only affects the appearance, but also oppresses the heart and lungs, affects the heart and lung function, and even shortens the life span.
Especially young people suffering from stiffness spine will directly affect growth and development. The stiffness of the spine is gradually formed because of a long-term sitting posture, such as bending over the back of the book to read and write, and half-lying and lying down to watch TV. This shows that to avoid spinal rigidity, prevention is the most important. Parents should always teach, supervise, and correct the child’s sitting posture, and should not allow the child to bend over to read and write, and lie on the bed while watching TV. When taking a bath for your child, you should check your child’s spine for scoliosis. If you find a problem, treat it in time.
Before the age of 16, the human skeleton has not yet been completely shaped. Those suffering from stiffness spine can still be corrected by doing exercises and wearing orthotics; if they are over 16 years old, the human skeleton has been shaped and can only be corrected by surgery.

Posture Correction Academic Article

Do you have a personal doctor? What aspects of your doctor are responsible for you?
Our health consultant has a good reminder to everyone:
What are the serious consequences of improper sitting?
Constipation, acne Irregular postures, such as bending over and hunching over, will oppress the internal organs, affect blood circulation, reduce gastrointestinal digestion, and lead to constipation. Toxins accumulate in the body and cannot be eliminated in time. They can also cause acne around the corners of the mouth.
Cold hands and feet
The spine not only supports the weight of the upper body, but also the channel of the autonomic nerve. If the posture is not correct, over time, it will oppress the autonomic nerves, leading to disorders, symptoms such as cold hands and feet, insomnia, headache, and easy fatigue.
Working for a long time with a hunchback or lifting the chin, working on the Internet, etc., will make the spine in a curved state, which will press the diaphragm of the body, which will make the breathing shallow, and the brain will be hypoxic for a long time. Dizziness, motion sickness, etc.
Bent over the hunchback will also lead to poor lymphatic circulation in the neck and other places, which will hinder the excretion of metabolic waste, reduce the efficiency of metabolism, lead to accumulation of body surface fat, people will gain weight. Puffy face
 People with poor posture usually have muscle weakness or stiffness, and facial muscles are easy to relax, making them look puffy.
double chin
Bad postures such as neck extension will affect the chin activity and blood circulation, and easily lead to the accumulation of metabolic waste around the chin, forming a double chin.
Myopia, bone growth
The danger of myopia must be clear to everyone, and many people do not know about scoliosis. In fact, the incidence of scoliosis in adolescents is not low.
Scoliosis can cause physical appearance deformity and affect beauty. Children’s growth and height will be restricted. There will also be symptoms of low back pain, abnormal cardiopulmonary function, and severe nerve compression, causing numbness, weakness, and walking in the lower limbs. Inconvenience. Except for congenital causes of this disease, long-term incorrect sitting posture is the main cause.
Used to unconsciously lift Erlang’s legs? This posture will restrict the blood flow of one leg, and the weight of the upper body will also be pressed on one leg. For a long time, it will cause the consequences of scoliosis and also lead to pelvic malformation.

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