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Material Neoprene
Size S,M,L
Color Blue
Function Protect wrist and palm, keep warm and safe
Superiority 1.Concise 2.Flexible 3.Durable 4.Comfortable





1.The sports gloves provides support to you
2.Helps to support wrist and palm
3.Comfortable to wear
4.Elastic design won’t affect your movement
5.The good compression can make your palm covered
6.It provides comfort, superior flexibility and durability for daily wear

Product Details:

We have developed a series of professional fitness gloves for fitness. It has the functions of moisture wicking, breathability, anti-skid, shock absorption, palm and wrist joint protection. It can alleviate the pressure of the palm of your hand and wrist joints to the greatest extent, reduce the damage to the nerve endings of the hand during exercise, and protect the hands from scratches or collisions during the exercise, increase the grip of the hand, and make the hand movement more free and flexible. It can also relieve muscle pain caused by exercise, prevent palms from growing on the palms, and effectively help people quickly improve fitness effects.The movement methods of fitness are various, ranging from a complete set of free-standing body-building gymnastics to ball-and-stick gymnastics, which are mainly used for women’s bodybuilding training to lose weight and improve body shape and posture, increase flexibility and enhance A sense of rhythm; there are many weight lifting exercises and other movements that can develop muscles in various parts of the body. These movements are mainly used for men and women with strong physique and developed muscles, as well as for bodybuilding training for men and women. In order to achieve the purpose of physical fitness, special training methods are needed. For example, when using barbells and other weight lifting equipment to perform various movements, there are special requirements and arrangements in terms of weight and movement of the equipment, the number of sets, the number of times, and the speed of movement. While using fitness equipment, it is recommended to use suitable fitness gloves. Features:1. 100% brand new and high quality,2. Half-finger design, thumb and knuckle can bend naturally,3. Washable, breathable, anti-slip4. With breathable wrist wrap, can protect you from wrist hurt.6.Breathable microfiber prevent hand slip and protect your safety


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