One piece ankle wrap support

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Material Nylon, neoprene, aluminum strips
Size S, M, L, XL
Color Black
Function Protect knee, keep warm and safe
Superiority 1.Concise 2.Flexible 3.Durable 4.Comfortable
Characteristics 1.The elastic knee support provides support to you
2.Helps to support knee
3.Comfortable to wear
4.Elastic design won’t affect your movement
5.The good compression can make your knee covered completely
6.It provides comfort, superior flexibility and durability for daily wear
Material Nylon, neoprene, aluminum strips

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Ankle brace is a lightweight protective ankle orthotics, suitable for patients who often suffer from sprained ankle, injured ankle ligament and unstable ankle. It can effectively provide cushioning for the ankle during exercise, which can limit the left and right movement of the ankle, prevent the sprain caused by the valgus of the ankle, reduce the pressure on the injured part of the ankle, strengthen the ankle and promote the healing of the injured soft tissue. Moreover, it can be used with ordinary shoes without affecting walking gait. Ankle brace protects the pressure of the ankle joint and is a lightweight protective equipment. It is suitable for preventing ankle sprains, ankle ligament injuries, and unstable ankles. It can play the role of restricting the left and right activities of the ankle, preventing the sprain caused by the inversion of the ankle, reducing the pressure on the injured part of the ankle, strengthening the ankle and promoting the healing of the soft tissue of the injured tissue. Generally speaking, the protective gear needs to be tighter to be effective. The protective gear is made of elastic material. To be able to tighten the joint, it is equivalent to adding a protective film to the joint. If it is loose after wearing, the effect of exercise is not good, only for warmth. Of course, the protective gear should not be too tight, affecting blood circulation.
1. Wearing an ankle protector can effectively reduce sports injuries;
2. Freely adjustable Velcro, natural and comfortable to stretch;
3. The heel is covered with a hole, and the heat is released during the movement, without sweating;
4. The edging is more durable and does not hinder the wearing of shoes.
Application: mountaineering, running, taekwondo, ball sports, fitness, recovery after injury, etc.

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