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The hip resistance band is a small physical training tool that is easy to carry, simple and convenient to use, and very effective. The elastic resistance band training tool is used in the fitness field, mainly used for men’s strength training and women’s slimming programs, and is widely used in the field of rehabilitation training.Hip resistance bands are often used as fitness training tools at home or on business. It can be combined with the rhythm of music to become an aerobic training that can quickly improve your body, strengthen cardiopulmonary function and improve posture. If the trainer refers to the professional elastic band training video for training, the training effect is more significant. The resistance source of the elastic band mainly changes based on its elongation. Elastic resistance training is a very special type of resistance training. When training with elastic bands, users can basically train most muscles of the whole body in any position and posture, which is more convenient and effective during training.The resistance of the elastic band is calculated in kilograms based on its relative elongation at rest. In the training of elastic bands, we can evaluate the amount of resistance during training according to the change of length, and we can also choose the elastic band of appropriate length according to our own situation. Advantages:1.Easy to carry and can train at any time. Lightweight, it is a training tool that you can carry with you. It has nothing to do with gravity and can rotate freely. The resistance comes from the stretch of the elastic band rather than the gravity of the earth. It is more free and changes during training.2.There is no inertia, no motivation, no power. Since the provided resistance has nothing to do with gravity, you can’t borrow strength during training, and the training effect is better.3.Can imitate daily movements and improve functionality. The elastic band training can be performed in any posture and in any plane, and the function is more powerful.Specifications:Material: polyester, latex silkSize: S,M,LColor: Multi-colorOEM/ODM: acceptFeature: comfortable, high elasticity, durable, eco-friendly



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