Green forest net 3D leaf hunting camouflage suit LS034

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Product Name Green forest net 3D leaf hunting camouflage suit LS034
Item Code LS034
MOQ 200sets
Color As image color green, allow custom
Size M/L, XL/XXL, allow custom
Sample Time 7 workdays
Material 100% polyester, allow custom

Product Detail:
1.Ghillie suit is basically a coat of ropes and strips made of cloth and sacks. These ropes are about 6 to 18 inches long and are usually made of earthy color. Complete Ghillie suits include hats, tops and trousers. There may be more than a thousand ropes or strips, which allows Ghillie suit to effectively segment the contours of the body and blend them into the natural background. These strips serve three purposes: splitting the contours of the human body, simulating natural plants, and providing a three-dimensional look for camouflage uniforms. The color and composition of Ghillie suits must change with the environment. Individual strips and linen can simulate the environment dominated by weeds. In the jungle, larger strips and burlap should be used to simulate broad-leaved forests. The cloth strips and linen make the Ghillie suit look three-dimensional and more effective. It is even better to add leaves and fragments from the surrounding environment to the Ghillie suit.
2.Our 3D leaf camouflage ghillie suit is made of polyester material, using 3D leaf to decorate and help you camouflage better in the forest, desert or other outdoor environment, when you are hunting.
Application :
Can apply to all outdoor environment camouflage, such as forest, desert, snow ground, grassland, boskage and so on. It could be used in hunting, decoration, game, even to military. 

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